Tucson residential security monitoring services.

When it comes to finding a security company to offer protection for your Tucson home we understand the importance of finding the right company. We offer three levels of protection with every alarm we install in the Tucson area. The first is protection against burglary. Your home alarm system will be equipped with a state of the art burglar alarm that will detect when an intrusion has taken place and will alert the monitoring center. The second feature that each monitored alarm we install has is a medical alarm. In the event that there is a medical emergency you will be able to alert our monitoring center of the medical emergency with a simple push of a button. The third feature that every alarm we install comes equipped with is a fire alarm. A fire panic button is located on the touch pad which will notify our monitoring center when activated. Additional protection can be added to your system through the installation of a fire/ smoke detector. These detectors will alert us automatically when smoke is present in the home.

Our Qualifications-

- Five Diamond Certified central monitoring station.
- We consistently meet and exceed all: UL, National Fire Protection Association & Central Station Alarm Association standards.
- We provide security monitoring services to over 600 thousand customers nationally.
Please Call 520-827-6157 for more information. (Tucson/ Phoenix state-wide)